About The Manitobah Heritage Council

Awanjish Zhaabwiiwaad

Founded at the end of the Common Era in 2020, the Manitobah Heritage Council is committed to the protection, preservation, and presentation of landmarks with significant satirical value for the public to appreciate and enjoy. For the past four centuries, the Manitobah Heritage Council has helped to shape our citizens’ cultural, historical, and anthropological opinions through our enrichment programming and tours. In compliance with existing state of emergency protocols, our municipal offices are currently closed, but please feel free to peruse our archival materials presented here for your enjoyment. You can also learn more about our remaining councilors here.

Council Members

Ashley Kowalchuk

Ashley Kowalchuk is the acting Public Administrator of the Manitobah Heritage Council. A lack of governmental funding and managerial support found her failing at being both a tour guide and policy advisor for every possible level of governance. After weeping for a very long time, overcoming a mild substance addiction, and completing two irrelevant degrees at two different universities in the province, Cde. Kowalchuk began program planning for the satirical arts and found herself at the forefront of the writing committee for the MHC.

You may try to reach her at 404notfound@mbhcouncil.ca but do not become too hopeful for a response.

Manitobah Heritge Council Temporary Service Record E2-AB

Name: Daniel Hewak
Title: Interim Councilor

Previous work: Appears to have some background experience in the documentation, processing, and preservation of digital works. No prior experience as a civil servant.

Reason for current position within council: Nepotism.

Projected merits to council: Surprisingly useful for the restoration of old project files, but not for much else. The council would do well to avail themselves of this single talent for the hopefully short duration of his contract.

Council accomplishments: Has performed audio editing and sound design duties for all currently available archival tours.

Assigned contact email: temporaryemail1@mbhcouncil.ca

Contract expiration date: As soon as the council finds a more suitable replacement recording, sound, and editing personnel for a permanent position.

S.R. Harper

S.R. Harper is a writer, performer and [REDACTED]. The Manitobah Heritage Council recruited her to gain access to her domicile and haphazard collection of technology. Through the sharing of resources the Manitobah Heritage Council is able to circumvent the spotty, inconsistent and nepotistic nature of government funding in the twenty-first century where S.R Harper’s physical body is currently trapped until [REDACTED by the Canadian Agency of Innovation and Breweries]

Contact her electronically at notataxshelter@mbhcouncil.ca

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