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Recording of the Inaugural Tour of the Bay Downtown Metropolitan Historical Site

Thank you for supporting the Manitobah Heritage Council and being a patron of our restorative efforts and interpretive centres. Unfortunately, due to extensive flooding, high solar winds, and lack of official permits and licensing, we are unable to provide a live tour of this building at this time. However, we have recorded this inaugural tour from our grand opening that you are welcome to follow along at your leisure and upload to your preferred augmented reality device for an immersive virtual experience. Using these tools, attendance to the physical structure is unnecessary. If you do wish to attend the structure, please download this tour and take it along with you to the historic Hudson Bay Company location, located at Portage and Vaughan street in the former capital city of Manitobah.

Listen Now:

Author: Ashley Kowalchuk on behalf of the Manitobah Heritage Council

Performers: S.R. Harper, Ashley Kowalchuk

Audio: Daniel Hewak, S.R. Harper, George X. Corgs (with the generous support of WHS)

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